About Us

Following our dream and combining our love for good music and passion for vinyl records our record shop opened in 2019.  

Our Vinyl Record Shop

We came onto the Newark high street with a desire to offer the best music and memorabilia to those who like us have loved vinyl for decades and introduce the magic to the next generation of vinyl addicts.

At Vinyl Attraction we have never lost the joy of getting our hands on our favourite musician’s records (Bruce Springsteen if you’re wondering).

We want to be able to share the excitement of letting your eyes devour the artwork whilst losing yourself in the musical mist with music lovers of many genres.

Don’t see the record you’re after?

Let us know what record you’re looking for and we’ll will do our best to find it for you. We buy and sell good quality used vinyl and also have the latest new releases available.

“Everyone has that one song that takes them back to a time or place instantly. Let Vinyl Attraction help you acquire those musical, magical memories locked in vinyl.”

Check out our website and Facebook page for information on the latest releases we have in store or contact Tony on 01636 700093 with any queries.